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How to Scale Your Business

Knowing Your Numbers: The Key to Scaling Your Business

In the world of business, numbers aren’t just figures on a spreadsheet; they are the foundation upon which success is built.

As an entrepreneur or a sales professional, understanding your numbers isn’t just important—it’s crucial.

It gives you the insights and confidence to scale your operations effectively.

However, until you have a firm grasp on these numbers, scaling might not be the wisest move.

I often get asked questions like, "How many cold call leads does it take to close a contract?" or "What about text leads?"

These inquiries reflect a common dilemma among those eager to grow: the desire for predictability in sales outcomes.

The truth is, without knowing your numbers, scaling can be a risky business.

Let's break it down with a recent example.

Take a look at the snapshot below, illustrating last month's performance metrics:

May be an image of phone and text

This visual representation serves as a stark reminder: not every...

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Why I Ditched My Country Club for Something Better

I used to spend $3000 per month on a country club membership.

For years, I bought into the promise: “The value you will get in new relationships and business opportunities will far outweigh the cost.”

They painted a picture of a thriving network, business deals over cocktails, and friendships forged on the golf course.

Years later, I took stock of what I'd gained: Zero business relationships.

Zero business opportunities.

Instead, I found myself in an environment that felt stifling and unwelcoming.

The vibe was the exact opposite of what I had been promised.

The club was stuffy, the people were judgmental, and everything was a competition.

It seemed like most members were more interested in gossip than in genuine connections or mutual support.

I never felt comfortable there.

It wasn’t what I would call a “healthy environment.”

Now, keep in mind, I’m not a golfer.

Some people join a country club just to golf, and that’s great for them.

But I...

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How to Turn Liabilities into Assets

Want to elevate your financial status to an entirely new level?

There’s just one crucial element you need to grasp and master: your personal creativity in transforming liabilities into assets.

No, this isn’t about cash-flowing a house or any typical investment strategies.

It’s about a revolutionary mindset shift that can set you free forever once you understand and apply it.

The Power of Creativity

The key to financial freedom lies in how you perceive and utilize what you already have.

Most people view liabilities as burdens, but what if you could flip that narrative?

What if you could turn those liabilities into assets?

Imagine the possibilities when you start to see every liability as a potential asset.

This shift in thinking can open up a world of financial opportunities.



That’s a bold statement, but it’s true. The concepts I shared have the...

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Why Your Offers Arenโ€™t Getting Accepted: A Deep Dive into Sales and Negotiation Mastery

You've done everything right.

You’ve invested heavily in marketing to generate leads, paid for the best skip tracing and data, employed virtual assistants to aid with lead generation, and meticulously sorted through your leads.

Yet, despite all this effort, your offers aren’t being accepted.

It’s frustrating, to say the least.

It's Not Your Leads - It's the Market

First things first: understand that the issue isn’t with your leads.

You’re in a highly competitive market.

If you’re not excelling in negotiation and sales, you’re going to struggle.

Here’s why.

The Importance of Knowing Your Seller’s Personality

One critical mistake many make is treating every seller the same.

Within the first few seconds of interaction, you need to identify the personality type of the seller.

This is crucial because speaking to a High D (Dominant) personality like you would a High I (Influential) or a High I like a High C (Conscientious) can be...

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How to Find the Highest Paying Cash Buyers Fast

If you’re in real estate, you know that finding the right buyers quickly is crucial.

My team at Real Estate Matt Education has developed a step-by-step approach using a tool called InvestorBase.

In this blog, we'll walk you through how to use InvestorBase to find high-paying cash buyers efficiently.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using InvestorBase

1. Get Started with InvestorBase

Begin by creating an account on InvestorBase and logging in. Note that while the free trial is useful, upgrading to a paid version will yield more comprehensive results.

2. Enter Property Information

Once logged in, enter the address of the property you’re looking to sell. This could be a wholesale property, a fix, and flip, or even a rental you want to offload.

3. Adjust Search Criteria

By default, it’s best to start with the standard settings. However, you can adjust the search radius, time frame, and property types as needed. For instance, expand the radius if you're in a rural area or narrow...

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How to Drastically Reduce Your Wholesaling Workload to Less Than 2 Hours a Day

In the world of real estate wholesaling, there's one role that can drastically reduce your involvement to less than two hours a day.

Surprisingly, it's not the acquisitions manager or the cold caller.

The unsung hero of your operation is the Lead Manager.

Most people overlook the Lead Manager's significance.

Traditionally, a Lead Manager is seen as someone who handles incoming leads and keeps them organized.

However, my definition expands beyond this simplistic view.

A Lead Manager is the linchpin of your wholesaling business, a position so crucial that it can transform how your entire operation functions.

Here's what a Lead Manager in my model does:

  • Manages All KPIs: Keeps track of key performance indicators to ensure the business is on the right track.

  • Manages List Health: Ensures your contact lists are updated and relevant.

  • Perfect List Rotation: Maintains a strategic rotation of lists to maximize outreach efficiency.

  • Pulls the Lists and Skip Traces: Extracts and...

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How to Thrive in Wholesaling Despite High Interest Rates

Them: "Hey Matt, wholesaling has gotten really tough since interest rates have been so high for the last couple of years."

Me: "It has?"

Them: "Yeah, haven't you been paying attention to what everyone is saying online?"

Me: "No."

Me: "How many deals have you tried to wholesale where you've had a lot of problems?"

Them: "Well, none, because everyone says the only way to make money now is owner finance and I don't know how to do that."

Me: "I think you are listening to the wrong people."

In a market that’s as dynamic as real estate, it’s easy to get swayed by the collective anxiety buzzing through online forums and social media.

When interest rates rise, the immediate reaction might be to panic and believe the hype that wholesaling has become an impossible game.

But let’s break this down with a little exercise I recently did.

After hearing my friend’s concerns, I did a quick search for cash sales in the area he was worried about.

To his surprise—and maybe...

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How to Transform Everyday Assets into Cash Flow: A Guide to Leveraging Social Media for Profit

An asset is something that puts money in your pocket.

Sounds simple, right? Yet, assets are literally everywhere, but most people don't recognize them when they see them.

This unawareness is much like someone driving by the same house every day, never realizing its potential.

Meanwhile, a savvy real estate investor buys that house, flips it, or rents it out for a significant profit.

The difference lies in training and perception.

Everyday Assets You Might Be Overlooking

While traditional assets like property or stocks are well-known, the digital age has expanded the definition of an asset. Here are some examples of what trained individuals see as assets:

  • Facebook: More than just a social platform, Facebook can be a powerful tool for marketing, networking, and driving sales.
  • Emails: With a well-crafted email campaign, you can reach and convert customers directly.
  • A Particular Facebook Post: A single viral post can lead to massive traffic and sales.
  • Someone Else's Product or...
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What's the True Asset in Real Estate and Business? YOU.

Having spent nearly two decades flipping houses, I've navigated thousands of transactions and weathered countless market fluctuations. With such extensive experience, I've frequently encountered the argument: "Why not switch to apartments or commercial properties?" Critics often assert, "Apartments are easier to manage and scale."

To those people, I have a counterargument: "Why don't you switch from apartments to businesses?" There's substantially more money in buying and selling businesses or in purchasing and cash flowing businesses. That's a fact.

Why Businesses Over Real Estate?

The wealthiest individuals globally amassed their fortunes through buying or building businesses with sustainable cash flow. Unlike real estate, businesses have no "top end." When I grasped this concept several years ago, I pivoted my focus towards building businesses. Since then, I've created several multi-million dollar enterprises, all while putting minimal effort and almost no time into my...

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From Heartbreak to Real Estate Success: My Journey

Nearly 19 years ago, I embarked on my real estate journey, but truthfully, it wasn’t about real estate at all.

It was about proving something to myself and to others.

It was about making money.

At that time, my girlfriend had just broken up with me.

She said she wanted to date someone with “status,” someone who “makes money.”

I was heartbroken, but more than that, I was angry.

For anyone who knew me during that period, I wasn’t much fun to be around.

I was the hardest-working person I knew, yet I was still broke.

I worked every possible hour of overtime I could manage.

I cashed in my vacation days every year, taking the money instead of the days off.

I worked two jobs and grabbed every chance to work on Saturdays and many Sundays.

Despite all this, I had nothing to show for it.

I knew I had to make real money if I ever wanted to win her back.

Back then, my TV was always on.

My apartment was tiny—300 square feet—and rent was $275 a...

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