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The ultimate buyers to wholesale houses to are hedge funds and large institutional buyers...

They pay cash, buy in bulk volume, close fast, and pay the highest prices.

It’s literally the best-case scenario.

Some hedge funds are buying 20-100 plus houses per month per market they are in.

Why do they pay higher prices?

Because they must deploy the capital they raise to start the fund.

They promise a projected return on the money that investors invest in the fund...

And the money that isn’t deployed into a house is idle money that is losing value.

These hedge funds buy in up-markets and in down-markets.

Once they lock their sites on a market they typically sink their teeth in deep...

Want to learn how to find these big buyers?

I can show you!

Then once you find them...

You have to know what to say.

I can teach you.

This is a critical step in the wholesaling process.

Make bigger profits and scale your business.

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Add 2-3 of the hedge funds to your buyer's list, build a good relationship, and grow to a whole new level.

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