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At, we have discovered and tested some of the best real estate software out there. We then reached out to our favorite companies and requested volume discounts for our students. Enjoy the benefits!

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for Leads & Skiptracing is one of the top sources for property data and skiptracing. They've combined the most premium data to make your lists more powerful than ever. Get Seller Lists, Cash Buyer Lists, and perform Skiptracing all in one platform!

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Exact Data Lists

Exact Data compiles some of the most accurate parcel data in the country. You can also pull various lists such as contractors, vendors, or other list types. Contact Johanna directly at 312-884-5484. Use Referral Code: Matthew Larson

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PropStream® is one of the most trusted provider of comprehensive real estate data nationwide. We empower real estate entrepreneurs with the data, tools, and marketing solutions needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game. This is a great tool for Cash Buyers Lists! You can also pull seller lists and run comps within this platform.

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Get motivated seller lists with both Owner Occupied and Absentee Owners. Use various demographics and property details to pull a comprehensive seller lead list.

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The #1 property intelligence platform for Commercial Real Estate. 50M+ Properties Covered. Debt, Tax Details. Lender Portfolios. Owner Mailing Address. Find the Best Deals. Find Commercial Deals that nobody else can.

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Property List Manager

PLM is a filtering service that helps investors save time and money by pinpointing leads within their lists with a higher probability of wanting to sell their home fast.

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Cold Calling 

Calltools Multi-Line Dialing Platform

CallTools is a cloud-based call center software solution with a suite of essential communication tools including inbound and outbound call routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, call recording and monitoring, and analytics.

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Texting & Ringless Voicemail 

Smarter Contact

Smarter contact Is an innovated SMS marketing tool that allows customers to send texts to potential clients as well as use the Ringless Voicemail Drop capability. 

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Local Phone Numbers & Softphone

Callrail Softphone and Tracking Numbers

Virtual soft phones and local phone numbers at your finger tips. CallRail's Call Tracking lets you track calls, texts, forms, and chats as easily as you track clicks. Get the metrics you need to spend smarter on everything from paid search to print ads in one easy, powerful dashboard..

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Direct Mail

Postcard Printing

Effortlessly design and send postcards and mail in bulk. Students can sign up for free and use the service sending mail at a discounted rate.

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