Adapting and Scaling in the Real Estate Market with Justin Colby

Matt Larson discusses his real estate journey, from managing a vast portfolio of single-family homes to adapting his strategy in response to market shifts. He explains how he sold off a significant portion of his rental properties to capitalize on peak market prices and focuses on wholesaling and fixing and flipping with the help of his virtual assistant (VA) team. Matt emphasizes the importance of being dynamic in various aspects of real estate investing, including finding motivated sellers through cold calling, texting, and direct mail. He also stresses the significance of strong bank relationships and partnering with investors to access funding. With a passion for the game and an ever-evolving approach, Matt Larson continues to thrive in the real estate industry.

Matt Larson has completed over 4,000 real estate transactions and his strategies include wholesaling, fix and flips, rentals and property management. He also owns an 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse stocked floor-to-ceiling with homebuilding materials that he sourced up to 70% below retail. Matt Larson also runs his entire wholesaling business with virtual assistants and spends less than 5 hours per weeks on it’s operations. He’s considered to be an industry expert and personally coached Tony Robbins on single-family real estate investing. 


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