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Matt Larson - "Podio is a MUST HAVE!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Anyone who buys a volume of houses, no matter what your dispositions strategy is (flipping, rentals, wholesaling), needs this software. We tried everything: Deal Automator,  REI Blackbook, Investorfuse, Deal Machine, Smartsheets, Google Workspace, and even some other Podio Systems, but it wasn't until we started using PowerHouse MAX that everything changed. We TRIPLED our closed deals in less than 60 days!"

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Ryan M


After we got our team onto PowerHouse MAX we almost instantly recouped all of our investment. It allowed us to convert a ton more leads (leads that my team thought were bad) and allow me to streamline my 20 house per month wholesaling operation to just four Virtual Assistants!

Tim Z 


What sets a business apart in a time when EVERYONE is in real estate? Followup. PowerHouse Max has a really slick followup system. Once my team discovers the sellers "why" but cant close the deal, at the click of a button they can drop the lead into a automatic Ringless Voicemail, text, and email sequence that is custom-tailored to that pain point! NOTHING ON THE MARKET HAS THIS! The follow-up system alone pays for this program 100X.

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PowerHouse MAX integrates with ALL of the marketing software you currently use!

You can connect PowerHouse MAX to almost any software using Zapier, but many others have direct connections! Enter leads into Podio automatically to be worked by the automations and your team! 








And Many More!

One Place for the Entire Teams Workflow

We laid out PowerHouse to follow the natural flow of a deal. The Apps in the workspace are organized starting with Marketing, Then Leads, Offers, Contracts, and Dispositions. When a lead comes in, it is seamlessly "Baton Passed" between apps, and automatic tasks are delegated to your team. Welcome to your Virtual Office!

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Custom Tailored 

Automatic Follow-up 🔥

After collecting your seller leads in Podio for a while, you will eventually have more than you know what to do with. But in some cases, you know the seller's reason for selling, even if they aren't motivated right now. Click one button and send a lead into a 365-day automatic follow-up RVM/email/text campaign to revive leads that would otherwise be considered bad. Over 70% of the closed leads in our business are derived from this feature! Imagine knowing that a seller is a "tired landlord". Well, drop them into the Tired Landlord sequence and let the computer do the work! They will now receive pinpointed communication, pulling on that motivation factor. Fully "Hands Off" unlimited lead conversion, click it once and forget about it! You can have unlimited follow-up sequences and make new ones at any time. Use any combination of texting, ringless voicemail, and email in each message blast.

⏳ Per Lead Time Savings: 45 Mins Per Lead Savings at 125 Leads/Mo: 1,125 Hours or 46 Days of Work Per Year


Powerful Automations 🦾

Podio by itself is an amazing place to track information, delegate tasks, and collaborate with your team. However, combined with a program called GlobiFlow, it becomes an automation powerhouse. When a new lead comes in, your Podio and Globiflow will spring into action instantly, 24 hours a day to start doing the tasks that need to be done. Automations = Real Estate Scalability! 

One-Click "Canned Responses"

No more calling or texting leads off your cell phone as they progress through the phases of a deal. Ready to present them your offer? Click one button and send your instant "Offer" canned response. The lead will get a text with their offer amount, an email, and even a voicemail to go and check their new offer that they can find in their inbox! You can have unlimited canned responses and make new ones at any time.

⏳ Per Lead Time Savings: 8 Mins Per Lead Savings at 125 Leads/Mo: 200 Hours or 8.3 Days of Work🏘

Automatic Purchase Agreement Creation and Delivery 📬

Instantly generate custom purchase agreements at the click of a button, automatically pre-filled with data pulled in from the seller lead file. Click another button to deliver the agreement for e-signature on the sellers mobile or desktop device. the seller is automatically followed up with to sign, and once they do the completed doc is attached right into their Podio file.

Per Lead Time Savings: 35 Mins Per Lead Savings at 125 Leads/Mo: 875 Hours or 36.5 Days of Work🏘

All of Your Marketing, Simplified 📊

By having all seller leads, offers, contracts, and closings attributed to the single marketing campaign where the lead originated, you will be able to pull more in-depth stats than ever. Make quick marketing decisions based on live data using 9 stat and dollar based performance metrics. Marketing Cost Per Closing, Cost per Deal, Response Rate %, Closing Rate % and More!

💰 Potential Marketing Budget Savings Per Campaign: $300 to $4000

"Three-Click" Comparable Research on All Seller Leads

On every seller lead, a unique link to comparable solds from,,, and are generated. Click on the links, copy over the square footage and sold price into podio and the system will automatically estimate the ARV of your new lead!

Your Entire Acquisitions and Dispositions Pipeline, In Perfect Sync.

Second to its Automations, the real power in GlobiFlow combined with Podio is its ability to look to other places in your organization for information. No more double data entry. Enter in a Properties details once when a lead comes in and the data will be seamlessly carried through each workflow application until the final "Closing"  and "Dispositions" sections. Actions are tracked every step of the way to give your business actionable KPIs to make important efficiency tweaks and changes from.

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Powerful Automations

77 Pre-Built Automations Streamline your Daily Workflows, and bring back valuable time to your teams schedule. 

One Place For Everything

Gone are the days of jumping through 5 different softwares and spreadsheets to see your information. Find everything and communicate with the entire team in one place by tagging them on leads (like twitter or facebook) and easily delegating tasks.

Track Critical KPI's

Acquisitions is All About Marketing and the KPIs throughout the deal progression. See a Breakdown of all Critical KPI's, and fine tune your business from a "Shotgun" into a "Rifle"

The Podio PowerHouse family of Software has been in development for over half of a decade. Starting with its first public release in 2018, Podio PowerHouse set the benchmark for what a Real Estate CRM should be. Taking the torch and carrying it to newfound heights, PowerHouse MAX is now the industry leader in real estate marketing, lead, acquisition, disposition, metric and team management. PowerHouse MAX will be your businesses "Central Hub" for years to come and millions in income!

Podio PowerHouse MAX (NEW Edition)

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Most Powerful

  • NEW: 77 Automations
  • NEW: Unlimited 365 Day Follow-Up Sequences
  • NEW: Improved Digital Contract E-Signature
  • NEW: Dispositions Management and Buyer Mass Contact
  • NEW: 3-Click Comps
  • NEW: Instant Canned Responses
  • NEW: Team Member Actionable KPIs
  • NEW: Team Member Role Management and Automatic Tasking
  • NEW: Automatically Send Custom Ringless Voicemails, Texts, and Emails to Leads
  • NEW: Automatic Lead Duplication Eliminator and Bulk Importer
  • Marketing Campaign Tracking
  • 11 Marketing KPIs on Each Campaign
  • Seller Lead Tracking App
  • Offer Tracker App
  • Contract Tracker App
  • Property Inspection and Renovation Breakdown Builder
  • Buyer, Bank, and Contractor Contact List Tracker