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At one point I was paying over $6,000 a month to rent dumpsters for my rehab projects...

My team woke up one morning and realized, we NEED to bring dumpsters in-house. Traditionally, with the amount of dumpster we would need, this business would have cost me over $300,000 to start. But by knowing what to look for, and how to operate, we were able to purchase a truck, and 20 dumpsters for $100,000. But we didn't put up all of that money at once, banks will finance this entire venture! So for a small down payment and low overhead, i now own a fleet of dumpsters dedicated to my rehab projects, and now even market and rent them out to the public for a profit! I want to show you how to do the same thing. Speed up your projects, and bring in some side income as a result!


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Dumpster Dollars is meant to open your mind and help you get started with a lucrative side business. If you are unhappy with your Dumpster Dollars Course, we will! For any reason within 90 days, you decide a Rapid Assistant isn't for you, you are entitled to a 100% Moneyback Refund. 

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