Are you having trouble getting contractors to your job site?


Are project delays costing you a fortune?


Are you settling for hiring "second-best" contractors just to keep your jobs moving?


Or are you paying WAY MORE for rehab work just because you can’t get more than one bid?


If so, we have the solution.


Imagine sending one text to 25, 50, 75, or over 100 contractors with the same amount of effort as it takes to send a message to one...


The response rate will blow your mind!


You will have more contractors ready to bid and start your work than you ever have.

-Your labor prices will drop 
-Finish time will improve
-Quality will improve


And you will be able to take on more projects than ever.


My new Mini-Course - "Contractor Labor Shortage SOLVED" will change your business and show you a whole new way to approach getting a project past the finish line.

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Get More Bids with One Click 🔥

Whether you already have a list of vendors or follow our training on how to pull a local vendor list quickly in bulk, you will love the simplicity of this process. At the click of a button, send texts to the vendor type you choose. Need some more leads? Just push the button again!

Make Contractor Contact Easy!

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This one process can completely change your business! Learn how to Buy a List of THOUSANDS of Contractors, and Mass Contact them to Get Bids!

Make Contractor Contact Easy!

Keep Your Communication In One Place, Forever. 🔐

By having all inbound and outbound texts handled inside of a system, rest assured that all vendor conversations will be tracked and stored forever. Text blasting and one on one conversations are handled in the system, so when you're prospecting your personal cell phone will be protected. Easily reply to conversations right from your computer or mobile App.

Get Your One Place to Contact Vendors

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In Addition to These Costs Below:

  • $99/mo for SmarterContact Mass Texting Software
  • If you use another texting software, that will work too at no additional charge!
  • Bonus - You Get the How to Find Contractors E-Book for Free!