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Are you struggling to get offers accepted in today's competitive real estate market?

  • Do you find that most of the sellers you are talking to are not motivated to sell?
  • Are most of the sellers you talk to asking at or above what the houses are worth?
  • Do you struggle to find time to quickly get back new seller leads when they come in?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, keep reading...

You are in the right place.

The POWER of an Acquisitions Sales Person, WITHOUT The Cost!

Being Able to Hire a Fully Trained, Vetted, and Live Lead Tested Acqquisitions Agent Is a Game Changer. Whether You Are a New Investor Who Wants an Edge or a Seasoned Pro Scaling a Team, Being Able to "Plug-In" These Employees is Nothing Short of Amazing. This Service is Going to Disrupt the Real Estate Investing World.

Place a Refundable Deposit and See If a AQ VA Is Right For You!

Trusted and Used by the Best Real Estate Companies Nationwide

Matt Larson - "These VA's Will Change the Industry FOREVER!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Anyone who buys a volume of houses, no matter what your dispositions strategy is (flipping, rentals, wholesaling), needs an Acquisitions VA. We cracked the code on how to find and perfectly train Acquisitions Virtual Assistants, and everything changed. Our VAs TRIPLED our closed deals compared to our Local American Closer, and have proven the same results for countless other clients!"

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Weekly Ongoing Skill Training

You Aren't Just Getting a "Closer"... You're Tapping Into a Network!

Once you purchase your acquisitions virtual assistant, our team goes on the hunt for the perfect candidate. Then they enter into 6 weeks of strenuous education and testing and train on live leads in our local market. However, the training doesn't stop there. Every week, Matt personally meets with all Acquisitions VAs to talk about new findings, tactics, and help your employee through any bottlenecks they may have encountered. This is like having Matt (who has negotiated and closed over 2000 deals himself) in your corner, helping your business become one of the best. 

Take a look at some highlights from a previous weekly session!


Why Rapid Assistants are The Best at What They Do:

Rigorously Scouted, Vetted, and Trained for 6 to 8 Weeks.

Our Team Has Purchased Real Estate Sales Training from some of the best names in the industry. The Result? None of the trainings come remotely close to the depth and consideration of our training system. With over 14 Modules and Tests required to advance to the next, rest assured that the day your Rapid Assistant is ready for placement, they will be hitting the ground running.

Trained on Live Leads

After graduating our in depth training system, AQ Rapid Assistants are placed into our Podio PowerHouse MAX CRM, and they get to work communicating with live leads. This helps them practice their skills and easily communicate with the team on any challenges they run into. AQ VAs continue to work live leads until we approve of their calls and conversion ratios. 

The Rapid Assistant Guarantee

Rapid Assistants want to be a part of your real estate success, that's why we offer one of the best guarantees in the business. If you are unhappy with your Rapid Assistant, or for some reason they do not work out, we will retrain or replace them at no cost for up to a year! For any reason within 90 days, you decide a Rapid Assistant isn't for you, you are entitled to a 100% Moneyback Refund. 

Live Calls From Our Clients AQ Rapid Assistants


How it Works and Training Details:

It can take up to 6-8 weeks to find, train, and place your VA. That is an estimated time frame but of course, will vary depending on your needs and our availability of AQ Virtual Assistants.

Make sure that. you check your email often as this will be the way you will be contacted with your AQ VA to review once we have one available. 

Keep in mind that we cannot 'hold' VAs for a period of time as they rely on a steady income and we have to make room for our new VA candidates in training. 

You do have the option to accept or wait for the next available VA. All VAs are on a first come first serve basis so please keep that in mind when you make a decision to move forward with a candidate. If you choose to wait, it could be weeks before you receive another option depending on availability. Other clients will be receiving the VA's information and also have the option to accept. Once a VA is accepted, that VA is no longer available. We will do our very best to update you as soon as this happens so that you are aware. If this happens, you will get another email once a new VA is ready for review.

AQ VAs are trained in:

  • Call seller leads that have expressed interest in selling
  • Find motivation/pain points with sellers
  • Effective call strategies to build rapport and engage with sellers
  • Negotiation techniques and ongoing sales training with Matt
  • Talking to different personality types and how to mirror 
  • Overcoming objections
  • Screening Leads
  • Podio training (tagging/filling in lead sheet/making comments/working through app stages)
  • Making offers and follow ups
  • Creating contracts
  • Sending contracts for electronic signature (e-sign account not included in purchase)
  • Creating amendments to contract (for extensions/price adjustments)
  • Opening escrow with title company
  • Gathering seller details (such as attorney information) and coordinating with team for lockbox and photos (VA helps arrange times with seller, but you must have a process in place to be able to add the lockbox and get photos)

AQ VAs are not trained and are not meant to:

  • Run comps
  • Create offer amounts
  • Generate seller leads

These things are meant to be handled by you or another team member such as a marketing VA/team lead manager. 



Acquisitions Rapid Assistant

$11,997 One Time

$497 Due at Deposit

  • Fully Trained to Take Your Seller Leads, and Convert Them into Signed Contracts!
  • Work Hourly, Full Time for $15/hr!
  • Just $200 commission per closed deal!
  • Close Your Deals for a FRACTION of what a local agent would cost!
  • Live Sales Trained by Matt Larson
  • Tediously Trained and Tested for SIX Weeks.
  • You Choose Your Candidate, Each is Presented to You with Real Seller Lead Recordings, Test Results, and Resumes.
  • From Purchase to Placement is 6-8 weeks. Your VA's time is $15/hr with an $11,997 placement fee. Place your refundable deposit today to reserve your spot for this EXTREMELY High demand VA Position. We will schedule a call after purchase.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Your VA will complete your tasks with accuracy and to your satisfaction or we will find a new VA and re-train at no additional cost to you.
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