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What if you could put your wholesale deals in front of cash buyers that would pay retail prices?


How much more money would you make on a deal?

Better yet…


How many more deals could you do that you are currently passing up?


The biggest problem in wholesaling isn’t “sellers that are asking too much".


It’s that wholesalers are marketing their deals TO THE WRONG BUYERS. 

And these buyers don't show up on a "cash buyers list"...


Here's why...

82% of all of the wholesale deals I am currently doing in 2023 are to cash buyers

I am meeting thru real estate agents...

In this program you will learn:

I’ve written the exact emails to send to get realtors fighting over themselves to sell your deals to the best cash buyers. 


Literally copy and paste…

Done right...your wholesaling business will go to a level you NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE


Done wrong...you may end up like so many other wholesalers right now...out of the game.

Normal price is $297.

Introductory price of $97.

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