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When you make a sales call to a seller to buy a house...


Do you cross your fingers that the call goes well?


Or...are you sitting with an actual step by step process right in front of you?

The people closing all the deals...have an actual numbered process sitting in front of them. 

You must have a structure...if you want to close more deals. 
Imagine knowing the actual blueprint to closing deals...
What to do first, second, third and so on. 


There are 6 steps in total.

Those 6 steps done in the proper order...dramatically increases your close ratio. 

My Perfect Call Blueprint gives you those steps...
With real live seller calls so you can listen to one of my acquisitions sales VA’s in action. 
Copy and repeat. 
Copy and repeat. 
Copy and repeat. 

Soon enough...you will have weeks with 3-7 contracts per acquisitions person. 

Without it...
You’re playing “pin the tail on the donkey”...blindfolded and dizzy...not knowing where you are or where you’re going. 



Close more deals. Make more money.

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Bonus #1

How many times have you heard a seller say...

 “Yeah I would sell, but I want market

value for my price.”

Seemingly no interest in selling anything less than RETAIL price. 
Do you just walk away at that point and forget about that deal?
Well...you shouldn’t!
With one main technique I can show you how to take that arrogant, overconfident seller and turn them into “putty in your hands”.
With this move...you can buy that same house for a BIG discount. 
We do it constantly...
And so do the students I’ve taught this technique to.

I call it my “Pawnstar Posturing Parallel” and IT FLAT OUT WORKS MIRACLES.


Turn unmotivated sellers into sellers begging for you to buy their house cheap. 

By the way...these sellers are pure GOLD because most investors walk away from these deals. 


This training is over 30 minutes long and it will quite possibly be the most valuable time you spend learning sales this decade.

Bonus #2

Call Volume Maximizer

Increase the amount of sales calls you can make in a day by 40%. 
The more offers you make the more deals you close...
What if you could make 40% more calls a day?
There’s a better way...
My “Call Volume Maximizer” will teach you how to organize your new leads along with your follow up calls to increase you call volume by 40%. 

6 Step Sales Cycle



6 Steps on Everything you need to Know!

Limited Time Bonus

"Pawnstar Posturing Parallel Training Video"

"Call Volume Maximizer"