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The world of wholesaling has become ULTRA competitive...


10 years ago there might have been 10 wholesalers in your area...


Now...there are 100-200...maybe more...


So why are the same top 5% consistently always the "top investors" year in and year out?

They simply know how to take a seemingly unmotivated seller...and get that seller begging them to

buy their house...at a deep discount.

So do you have a fighting chance?


You bet your bottom dollar you do...


Because 99% of the wholesalers have ZERO CLUE how to negotiate.
And within a few weeks...I'll have you SELLING ICE CUBES TO ESKIMOS. 🧊
There is a specific process to follow when negotiating.
Go out of order...AND YOU'RE TOAST🔥🔥
Go in the right order, but say the wrong things..AND YOU'RE TOAST.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Then...over 18 years and thousands of closed deals..I broke down a system so simple to learn I even churn out virtual assistants that do my negotiating for me.

There are 4 "moves" that will win every negotiation...

🔑 Negotiating is the key to this business...
🤝 You will either learn to negotiate and close deals or...
A good negotiator can make $40,000 wholesale profits...and a bad negotiator might make $5000 ON THE SAME DEAL. 💰  💰  💰 
🤫 The biggest "secret" in real estate... 🤫

You don't "find" good deals...


You CREATE good deals...with your offers.

This sales training covers every base...helps you with every objection.


This training in my 18 year, 4000 plus deal SHORTCUT for you...

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Right now the price is $997

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