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What is your biggest expense as a full time real estate investor?


By far...it's your marketing costs.


Most of the investors I talk to know how much they are spending per month...


...but they have no idea how much each of their closed deals actually cost them.


There's an old saying that goes...

"I know that half of my marketing is working but I just don't know which half."

That's bad...

Imagine you were spending $3000 per month on marketing and you didn't know

what was working exactly or...


How much your costs actually were..

Do you have each campaign split up?


There are different metrics for each list type...


Each list type combination should be split up.

If you aren't splitting each one of these criteria up then you are throwing away thousands of dollars each month...


Track them correctly and you stop doing the things not working and throw gas on the things that are working.

Here's what I have found:

That adds up to tens of thousands of extra money being put in your pocket each month.

No more guesswork!

No more throwing money away!


This system pays for itself in ONE MONTH.



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Stop throwing money away.

Start optimizing every penny you spend.